We offer our clients support and services to help them in their creative projects in Graphic, Product, Space and UX.UI designs.

Based in Paris and Phnom Penh, we guarantee our international customers personalized support and impeccable customer service.

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Who are we?

A company specializing in the creation of graphics, products and architecture.

Our history

Nouth-Design was founded in 2017 by Ritchy Nouth, professional designer.

Our company offers its design services to professionals and individuals in a public or private domain under four categories of expertise:

  • Graphic design: logos, posters, business cards, packaging, Branding…
  • Product design: decorative objects, furniture, fittings ...
  • Space design: indoor or outdoor spaces
  • UX/UI Design: showcase or e-commerce websites
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Our values

Our priority is to sublimate the vision of our customers while respecting their expectations. There is no small project for us, each project is treated with serious work and absolute efficiency. We believe that the success of a project depends on the good understanding and the agreement between the two parties: designer and client. We are based in Paris and Phnom Penh, we guarantee our international customers personalized support and impeccable customer service.


Our agency is made up of competent professionals, passionate about their profession and attached above all to the quality of the work offered. We take care of the projects entrusted to us to guarantee the absolute satisfaction of our customers.


We carry out the most varied projects. Our ability to manage many digital or traditional supports allows us to support you, whatever your project may be, anywhere you are in the world.


More than creating beautiful, ergonomic and functional, we strive to create meaning, a concept, an environment, a story for each project of our customers, with each time the same concern: guaranteeing the best result in the shortest time .


Our agency is developing with the deliberate desire to maintain an agile structure on a human scale. We want to establish long-term relationships of proximity and trust with our customers. With expertise, flexibility and responsiveness as core values.


We offer turnkey offers for each project, which makes it possible to simplify and save money in the process of production. Our job is to make tailor-made, prices are calculated according to various criteria which may vary according to the projects requested.


Nouth-Design supports you in the conception of your new project. Whatever the area of ​​expertise for which you consult us, our goal will always be the same: serve your image in an ever more original, sensitive and striking way.

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A creative balance that constantly seeks innovation

Ritchy nouth

Founder & CEO

Specialist in business development and global design

Clara nouth

Director & Partner

Business development and marketing specialist

Winona J-W

Editor & Marketing

Digital marketing and communication specialist

Our clients

You are an individual or professional, small or large company, and you are looking for a multi-expert agency to support you on all your creative projects: visual identity design, product or website creation… Nouth-Design puts its expertise at your disposal and supports you throughout your communication strategy, off-line and on-line.

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