We offer our clients support and services to help them in their creative projects in Graphic, Product, Space and UX.UI designs.

Based in Paris and Phnom Penh, we guarantee our international customers personalized support and impeccable customer service.

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Our history

Creation is more than a passion, we are always looking higher and bigger

2019 - Nouth Ideas Co., Ltd in Cambodia

We have registered the brand Nouth-Design in Phnom Penh in Cambodia under the company Nouth Ideas Co., Ltd. We have found that Cambodia is a country in full economic development growth and that there is enormous demand. We are very proud to carry out our activity close to our customers around the world.

2018 - Nouth-Design in Phom Penh

Cambodia is a country in very strong growth, we have a very strong demand for our design services. We have studied the market in Cambodia and found that there are many people who research the quality of our services. For this we decided to set up our second firm in Phnom Penh in Cambodia to be able to respond to our Cambodian clients.

2017 - Officially filed in Paris

After several months of case studies in the design market. We have decided to officially register our brand in France in order to be able to carry out our activities properly. We are very proud of the first steps we have taken to support your projects towards success.

2016 - Launch of Nouth-Design

After several studies and research in the field of development in design. We have noticed that there are still enormous demands and needs in the private as well as in the public. Nouth-Design was born to be able to meet the expectations of its audience.