We offer our clients support and services to help them in their creative projects in Graphic, Product, Space and UX.UI designs.

Based in Paris and Phnom Penh, we guarantee our international customers personalized support and impeccable customer service.

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Space design

Space design agency

We are shaping the city of tomorrow with you.

Our projects adapt to new ways of living and working, by incorporating technical innovations that improve their use.

We have the ability to anticipate needs and take into account various parameters such as the well-being of users, the capacity for transformation and reversibility of spaces, energy management and carbon footprint.

All these complex input data allow us to approach projects as well as possible, while being a force of proposal and having the certainty of working in the right direction.

Design with absolute requirement

Based in Paris and Phnom Penh, the agency designs and follows any type of operation, creation or restructuring, across all business sectors: office, hotel, housing, commerce and public equipment.

The rigor of Nouth-Design wants the flexibility dimensions of its structures to be systematically integrated into all of its projects.

As a human scale agency, Nouth-Design attaches great importance to the quality of the relationship and the trust he maintains with its clients.

Our values: passion and thoroughness

The passion to design and reinvent the city.
Integrate new talents, collaborate with international agencies to carry out complex projects, dialogue with all the trades involved in the realization of an architectural project. We cultivate this spirit which puts the collective at the heart. Each talent then nourishes the overall dynamic.

The rigor essential to endure with the wind.
We attach importance to the word of our client, and to the methodologies put in place. Today, many parameters are required in architecture, whether technical, environmental, technological, regulatory or financial. Nouth-Design is appreciated by its customers for its exemplary management of all the data constituting the project.


Project management for design, execution and project management.

For our agency, mastering the design and execution of a project while optimizing the client's basic idea is the key to success.

Thanks to the coordination of multidisciplinary and multicultural teams combining architects and engineers, Nouth-Design is sought for partnerships on the French and international markets. Our agency is also solicited on urban projects with multiple contributors but also on complex projects.

If you want to know more about space design click here.

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