We offer our clients support and services to help them in their creative projects in Graphic, Product, Space and UX.UI designs.

Based in Paris and Phnom Penh, we guarantee our international customers personalized support and impeccable customer service.

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Product Design

Product design agency

Our experts support you in the design of your products, no matter what your sector of activity.

As a design and innovation agency, we support companies in their development projects. Our creative thinking is based on an analytical and technological approach, dedicated to the user experience. It applies to use and sense of form. It channels inventiveness to create the desire of the user, the fundamental basis for the development and growth of the company.

Our experience in product design (industrial design) has led us to design products in a wide variety of fields: toys, education, food, luxury furniture, connected objects... We believe that this variety is a wealth: each experience brings a new light on areas that at first glance have nothing in common.

The products that we design are the synthesis of your economic, functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and identity constraints. Through our designs, our goal is to provide the most appropriate response while generating undeniable competitive added value.

No matter what your field of activity, we are fully involved in your project, with the aim of perfectly meeting your needs.

Our methodology

1. Briefing

During a first meeting, you explain your needs to us and we ask you all the questions that seem relevant to us to bring out the challenges of your project. Aesthetic, ergonomic, economic aspects, time and budget constraints, no aspect of the project is left out.

2. Analysis of the existing

Any creative study requires to locate your product in its ecosystem.
We study the proposals of your direct competitors, but also products from related sectors. By combining the information collected, we can identify the levers that can give your product a decisive competitive advantage.

3. Creation of an idea book

At the end of the first creative phase, we present you an idea book that brings together a set of varied proposals. This document allows us to communicate our concepts to you. Most of the time, it mixes sketches and 3D modeling. All our ideas are synthesized in the form of a limited selection of pre-projects (Generally 3 to 8 pre-projects, depending on the studies).

4. Finalization of the design

Following the presentation of the idea book, we collect your reactions and comments. Often one of the drafts stands out. Sometimes it's a mix of several creative axes. We can then finalize the project. It is at this stage that the final design of your product emerges. We refine the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects, recommend the materials to be used. We model the product in 3D, at real dimensions. We create realistic 3D images, dimensional form plans, and any other document necessary for the description of the product. If necessary, we also implement a 3D model (STL, STP or equivalent), as well as the production of models or prototypes. Finally, we follow the birth of your products until their industrialization: by checking the pre-series and the accuracy of the objects produced to ensure their full success.

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